Chromebook will not turn on

If your Chromebook will not turn on, please use the following steps.

First Step- Charge it

Chromebooks do not like being fully depleted of their battery.  Once fully depleted, it could take an hour or more for the Chromebook to get enough power to start back up properly.

  1. Please plug the Chromebook up with the approved charger
  2. Look for a light on the side of the Chromebook.
    1. On a Lenovo 100e, this light should be located on the left side of the opened screen of the Chromebook.  If the Chromebook is charging the light will be 
    2. On a Dell Chromebook, this light should be on the front or right side of the computer.
  3. Let the Chromebook charge for a minimum of an hour.

Second Step - Hold the Power button for 30 seconds

If the Chromebook does not power on after charging, hold the button down for at least 30 seconds.  Sometimes, a Chromebook might actually be could be sleeping.  After holding down the power button, try to power the Chromebook back up.

If all else fails, please contact us either through chat or email.

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