Blocked Page

Category Blocked Page (Purple Banner)

If you encounter a page that looks like the screen below, it is due to our Lightspeed filter and the category of the site.  Please notice, the banner is purple which indicates it is a true blocked site.  The example below is blocked due to the category of gambling and you will notice the footer at the bottom indicates it is blocked due to the site's classification in our CIPA (Children's Internet Protection Act) filter.

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If you feel that the site you are trying to view should be allowed, please take a screenshot (see instructions here) to send via email or chat to our tech support team.  

Request Blocked Page (Orange Banner)

If you encounter an orange blocked banner, this typically is due to a mistyped URL or a site that is having issues.  If you encounter this page, double-check to make sure the URL is correct.  We would also suggest doing a Google search for the site to make sure you are using the correct URL.

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