Having iStation Issues?  

Recently, iStation updated their Google Play app which has appeared to have caused issues on some of our Chromebooks.

- Try Shutting Down, Turning Back On

Just as in many cases in regards to Chromebooks, your first step in troubleshooting should be to shut down the Chromebook.

Shut Down Your Chromebook

- Open iStation and Wait

We've been told by the iStation support team that the new update is quite large and could take some time to completely update.

  1. Open iStation from #CCSEngage.  This should automatically log your child into iStation.
  2. When the iStation app opens, please allow it to sit.  This could take several minutes depending on your network connection.

- Still Not Working?

If the above steps do not work, please contact us via the chat/email option at the bottom right at the red life preserver.  We will need your child's Chromebook serial number in order to do a reset.  You can find this typically at the bottom of the Chromebook usually indicated by S/N.  You might also see the serial number on a white label attached to the Chromebook.

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